Jimmy Clausen and Andrew Luck Will Remain Linked

Updated: January 7, 2011

If you haven’t heard the news today, Andrew Luck decided to stay in college.  That means a lot for the NFL draft and it’s draftees, especially the quarterbacks.  Cam Newton (if he enters), Ryan Mallet, Blaine Gabbert, and especially Jake Locker should all send Mr. Luck a Christmas card this year.

Wait! That could be a NCAA violation! Maybe they should send him a Facebook “thank you” message instead….

Anyways, one quarterback that should send Luck a Christmas card, some strippers, and throw him a birthday party this year is Jimmy Clausen of the Carolina Panthers.  He finished his rookie season with the worst QB rating of starting quarterbacks and also the worst pass yard per game average in the league. I’ve already outlined why I think he deserves another chance to prove his worth to the franchise, but it surely looked like Carolina was prepared to move on after just one year.

With Luck out the picture there will be no more excuses for Jimmy Clausen.  He’s had a year “under the gun”.  He is going to get Jeff Otah, Trevalle Wharton, and De’Angelo Williams back on offense.  He may get AJ Green as well on offense.  And last but certainly not least he won’t have to look over at the sideline and see Andrew Luck ready to take his job.

Everything that Clausen does good or bad this year will forever be linked to what the Panthers could of had with Luck on offense.  While Luck is running a Heisman campaign next year, Panthers fans will be stuck with Clausen for better or worse.  A few bad games again and the seat is going to get really hot for Clausen.  Don’t rule out Tony Pike getting a shot if things get that bad.

All in all, 2011 is going to be “the year of Clausen and Luck” in Carolina.  Jimmy has to play well, or the Panthers may be in the position to take Luck AGAIN in 2012!  Now wouldn’t that be a story?!