Pryor, Herron & Others Suspended After NCAA Violation

Updated: December 23, 2010

The NCAA has found that five Ohio State players including Terrelle Pryor and “Boom” Herron committed NCAA violations and will not be eligible to play in the Buckeye’s first five games next year.  According to reports, the players traded autographs for free tattoos, and sold some of their memorabilia including Big Ten Championship rings for cash.  

What is the most hypocritical part of this, is just like the Cam Newton investigation the NCAA has decided to allow the players to play in a big money game as the violation hangs over the team.  No one is buying what the NCAA is selling anymore.  It is all about the money with them.  If this were three ECU Pirates or Tulsa Hurricane’s I guarantee that the players would be suspended immediately.  But since Terrelle Pryor and Boom Herron are playing in the Sugar Bowl (a big money game for all involved) the NCAA isn’t going to mess that game up by suspending the stars of the Buckeyes for that game, although they are allegedly in clear violation of NCAA rules.

The NCAA is a farce.  Everyone is allowed to make money off the players except for the players themselves.  Let’s not get this twisted.  The stars of college football don’t go to certain Universities because they want to, a lot of underhand deals from boosters and supporters go on under the table that no one ever speaks about.  In the NCAA’s eyes as long as they don’t find out then its okay.  Cam Newton’s father can negotiate a “pay for play” deal and it’s perfectly fine as long as Cam allegedly doesn’t partake in the conversations or receives any money.  However, AJ Green and Terrelle Pryor can’t sell the jerseys off their backs to have some extra money.

The college game has a huge hypocrisy problem going on.  If the NCAA doesn’t want the players to get paid, that’s fine.  But when you allow parents to negotiate “pay for play” deals and then allow that player to start in the National Championship game it clearly says you don’t believe in your own rules.  Billions of dollars are generated by these players but these players can’t even borrow five bucks for a slice of pizza or it’s a “NCAA violation.”  Everyone can touch the money except for those generating it.  To me this sounds totally contradictory and unconstitutional.  Do not be surprised if President Barack Obama gets involved in regulating the NCAA and the BCS.  At this point it is pretty much a monopoly between the NCAA and the top six conferences to keep all the money to themselves, while not giving a damn about the welfare of the 20 and 21 year olds who generate all the money for them.

It needs to stop, and it needs to stop now.