LaMichael James Says Cam Newton Deserves Heisman

Updated: December 11, 2010

Yesterday on ESPN, they had a short interview with Oregon running back and Heisman finalist, LaMichael James.  They asked him about the award to which James said it was just an honor to be in the running for it along with Kellen Moore, Cam Newton, and Andrew Luck.

What’s even more interesting is that when asked, James said that Cam Newton deserves the award.  As you may know by now, Cam and his dad were investigated by the NCAA for negotiating a “pay for play” deal with Mississippi State.  LaMichael himself was under investigation for “swapping” his car with a “friend’s” Range Rover.

LaMichael actually seems like a very humble and down to earth guy.  It’s hard to believe that he would be in as much trouble with the authorities as he has been the past few seasons.  The anchor even asked James who he would vote for if he had a vote and he said “Probably Cam Newton or Andrew Luck.” That’s right, he didn’t even say himself.

As we all know, Cam is the current front runner for the award. has polled 18% of the actual Heisman voters and they predict that he will win it in a landslide. We’ll see what happens tonight!