Jimmy Clausen Struggles Again- Will The Panters Get Luck(y)?

Updated: December 6, 2010

If anyone saw the Panthers-Seahawks game one thing was clear.  The Panthers are a young team that is going to be in the middle of an ugly rebuilding process for at least another season.  They do have some young talent in the wings such as David Gettis, Brandon LaFell, and Mike Goodson that give the fans some hope for the future.

Primarily riding Goodson and Jonathan Stewart, Carolina was able to jump out to an early 14-0 lead.  And that was about the end of the good for the Panthers.   The Panthers struggled the rest of the game, with Jimmy Clausen showing absolutely no poise under the blitz and throwing a horrible interception to Lofa Tatupu in a regular checkdown play.  Watching the game with some Panther fans, I heard the moans and groans over how bad Clausen is. That made me wonder…. would the 1-11 Panthers draft Andrew Luck if they could?

If you go by history than you have to point out that last year the Panthers took 3 Quarterbacks in the draft.  So from a historical and common sense of view… you could say no.

However I say it is very possible. Why? Even though rumors are that the GM and owner are in love with Jimmy Clausen the fact of the matter is that a new regime will be taking over in Carolina.  John Fox is coaching his last few games as head coach in Charlotte, and you know what that means… new regimes means new Quarterbacks.

Either by trade or free agent signing, look for the Panther’s new coach (What’s up Coach Cowher!) to bring in a veteran or two to compete with Clausen.  And if he doesn’t like Clausen… then look for him to bring in his own young gun to groom.  These last few games of the season are critical for Jimmy Clausen. He has to show a pulse and clear some of the doubts or his career in Carolina may get derailed before it can start.