Cam Newton Blackballed by Six Heisman Voters

Updated: December 8, 2010

SportsbyBrooks reports:

Six Heisman Trophy voters noted today that not only will they not be placing Cam Newton at the top of their ballots – the Auburn quarterback won’t be on their ballots at all. (Five non-votes and one abstention.)

And like that, six big dominoes have fallen in Cam Newton’s Heisman race.

While I believe that Cam Newton is undeniably the best player with the biggest impact on his team, I also am not putting it past some of the voters to screw him out the trophy.  You have a lot of guys that believe that the trophy should be “pure” with no controversy surrounding the player who won it.  Last time I checked, that has nothing to do with beating SEC teams week in and week out almost single handed.

Would the voters really blackball Cam and LaMichael and give the trophy to Kellen Moore?  The fact that LaMichael James and his “swapped” Range Rover is the #2 Heisman runner isn’t helping things either.

Stranger things have happened, but I expect Newton to still take home the hardware in the biggest “Hi Hater!” moment of the year.