Bill Polian Admits he Should of Drafted Rodger Saffold

Updated: December 9, 2010

Very interesting that a NFL GM would openly admit that he whiffed on a draft pick in just a few months into the season.

Usually guys will deny, deny, deny, that they whiffed on a pick but Polian’s moment of truth gives you some insight “behind the curtain.”

GM’s have a lot of tough decisions to make when evaluating one player over another, and it seems that Bill Polian’s lack of confidence in Saffold’s ability to be a Pro LT came back to hurt him.

Larry Brown Sports reported:

Asked a question by a caller, Polian, who is the Colts’ president, said the team made a mistake drafting Jerry Hughes over Rodger Saffold. Saffold was selected early in the second round by the St. Louis Rams and has been playing left tackle. Polian says the team erroneously evaluated Saffold as strictly a right tackle while the rookie has proved he can be an effective left tackle.

In his defense, it is still Jerry Hughes first season and he will probably take longer to find his niche on the Colt’s defense than Saffold did on the Rams line.  Sometimes it just takes a season or two for the light to turn on for certain guys.