Are the Redskins Going to Draft a Quarterback?

Updated: December 16, 2010

Word from Washington D.C. is that Coach Mike Shanahan is having Rex Grossman and Donovan McNabb split snaps with the first team offense in practice this week.  This isn’t an uncommon thing if the starter has an injury, and may not be able to finish the game.  Team’s like to make sure that the number two guy has knocked all the rust off during the week so he can manage a win if he has to come in emergency duty.

There is just a slight problem here.

Donovan McNabb isn’t injured, and Mike Shanahan will not name a starting quarterback for the game this weekend.  Yes, the Redskins gave McNabb a “contract extension” (with the option to cut him until the first game next year with little to no cap penalty) but it still makes one wonder.  Is this the beginning of the 2011 version of the Mike Shanahan “Let’s Find a Quarterback!” show?

Back in the 2006-2007 season Shanahan did the same thing with his Broncos team.  Even after the incumbent starter Jake Plummer took the team to the AFC Championship game the previous season, the ‘Mastermind’ decided it wasn’t good enough and drafted Quarterback Jay Cutler in the first round anyways.

Jake struggled early in the 2006 season and was benched quickly for Cutler, never to be seen again in the NFL.  Could the same thing happen to McNabb? Could Shanahan have an eye out for a replacement.

If history is any indicator you have to bet “Yes!” on that one.

Out of the quarterbacks available it would not be out the question to see the Redskins draft Jake Locker, Cam Newton, or Ryan Mallett with their first round selection.  The Redskins have more pressing needs (such as getting someone to actually throw the ball to) but only the Mastermind knows what the future holds.