Denver Broncos Secure Top 5 pick in Blowout Loss vs Chargers

Updated: November 23, 2010

It seems that as often as things change, some things just stay the same.  The Denver Broncos effective have had their season ended by the Chargers AGAIN in a blowout loss on national television.  As a lifelong Broncos fan, I have no idea why this just seems to happen over and over again.

The McDaniels era is beginning to mirror the Shanahan era.  The team seems to spend all its resources on building a stat padding offense, drafting multiple un needed offensive players, and consistently whiffing on defensive picks or just failing to select a group of young defensive players at all.  You cannot and will NOT become an elite team using free agency and 6th/7th rounders to fill out the bulk of your defensive rotation.  It just cannot happen, but McDaniels like Shanahan seems to not care.

Let’s look at it by numbers. The numbers dont lie.

Out of the Broncos whopping 10 first day draft picks in the past two years Josh McDaniels has spent 7 of those selections on offense.  Yes, the same exact offense that at one time featured Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Tony Scheffler, AND Peyton Hillis.

Out of the three first day defenders, one is no longer on the team (Alphonso Smith) and the other two are often injured (Darcel McBath, Robert Ayers).  Not to mention defensive linemen have been the Broncos weakness since 2007 and Josh McDaniels has drafted ZERO defensive lineman during his entire regime. NONE!!!!!

It goes without saying that the Broncos will definitely select in the top 10 this year if not the top 3.  And if things don’t change they will likely draft in that position for many years to come.

Hello fellow Broncos fans, meet mediocrity.