Cam Newton's Effect on the 2011 Draft

Updated: November 18, 2010

Cam Newton coming to a NFL team near youAs the days turn with this Cam Newton saga, many different scenarios of how this all will play out are being discussed in the media.  Namely, the situation being what would happen if Auburn were to win the National title with Cam Newton at the helm and he later be deemed ineligible to play?  Auburn would most likely be looking at forfeiting wins and scholarships if Newton is ineligible.

Since the case is now in the hands of the NCAA this is Auburn’s dilemma.  They have decided that Newton will be eligible and are taking the gamble to keep playing him.  Time will tell if that decision will pan out (Reggie Bush would tell them not to hold their breath.)

I like to think about how all this fits into the scope of the NFL DraftNewton is going to enter the draft. No ifs, ands, buts, or maybes about it.  He is going to get the hell out of dodge asap.

So with Newton now going into the draft what happens? Obviously someone is going to pick him in round 1.  You rarely (never) see a Qb 6’6 250 lbs that can do what Cam can.  The only halfway decent comparison you can make is Ben Roethlisberger but even then “Big Ben” cannot elude tacklers the way Cam can.  The kid is something truly special.

Who takes him?  Minnesota? Zygi Wilf’s team does produce amoung the lowest amounts of revenue in the league and Brett Favre will be leaving… that would be a nice move.  The Buffalo Bills and Carolina Panthers will be selecting in the top 2 and both could dump their starters for a once in a lifetime prospect like Newton.

But the team to keep an eye on folks is the Miami Dolphins. (What?!) Yes.  Both Chad Henne and Pennington are done for the season and before Henne was injured he was benched for the 34 year old often injured Chad Pennington.  The Dolphins also run the wildcat from time to time, and with Newton the constant threat of a dual threat Qb in the wildcat formation would keep defenses guessing all night long.  To me the Dolphins would be fools to pass on Newton if they should have the fortune of him sitting on the board for them to draft.