Implications of the Randy Moss Trade

Updated: October 6, 2010

In case you have not heard, the Patriots have agreed to send WR Randy Moss to the Vikings for a third round pick.  The Vikings finally acquired a big target for Brett Favre.

While they may be happy now, I do not like this trade on first look for the Vikings’ future.  So let’s get right into it. Who won, who lost, and who will win and lose because of this deal?

Why The Patriots Dealt Randy Moss

Simple. The dollar dollar bills, yall. They did not want to give Randy Moss an extension and by the end of the first game of the season (a win by the way) Moss decided that he was better off asking for a trade.

That lead to a ten minute tirade about leaving New England that seemed bizarre at the time, but Randy was 100% correct. Tom Brady got the big money extension, and the cold shoulder was given to Moss.  He knew it was time to move on.

Randy Moss - running away from New England

Future Implications for the Patriots

The Patriots are in an interesting position looking forward.  Moss will net them a third round draft pick which is a high value pick due to the new 3 day structure of the NFL Draft.  A third rounder is essentially another first rounder to teams who draft well thanks to the 24 hour break from the end of the second round.  The Patriots also have the Raiders first round draft pick in the first round.  I expect them to draft Julio Jones out of Alabama who is physically one of the best draft prospects out there.

Until then the Patriots offense just got A LOT worse.  A large portion of what they do relies on Moss’ ability to dictate coverage and free up space for Wes Welker and their young tight ends.  Without Moss, your starter opposite Welker is Brandon Tate.

Well, that was good while it lasted….

Dont be sad Brett, Randy Moss is in town!

Why I Don’t Like This Trade For the Vikings

Brett Favre said it like Michael Jackson, “This is it!”  The Vikings have put it all on the line for this one season.  I never like it when teams do this.

The Vikings have a ton of pressure on them now to not only get to the Superbowl, but win it for Brett Favre.  If that fails, then you still have Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson which isn’t a bad offense at all but who is throwing to them in 2011 and beyond?  Is Tavaris Jackson your man?  Or will they use a draft pick on a mid first round prospect like Florida State’s Christian Ponder? I highly doubt that Moss went to Minnesota to start over in one year. We all saw what happened in Oakland.

For the Vikings to get maximum value out of this trade, it fully depends on Tavaris Jackson being their guy for the next few years.  All the cards are on the table. The Vikings made their move.  They got they’re guy back. But who’s their guy next year? I just hope for their sake it turns out to be Mr. Jackson.