All Eyes on Cam Newton- Masoli This is Your Chance!

Updated: October 29, 2010

This weekend the #1 Auburn Tigers will face off with the Ole Miss Rebels/Black Bears (I’m not sure how they settled the mascot situation down there).  Anyways, all eyes are on Cam Newton. He is the undeniable #1 Heisman candidate, and is quarterbacking this week’s best team in the nation.

So this is the perfect storm for Newton to go Vince Young on Ole Miss’ defense and hit the Heisman pose on National TV, right? You’re right, it sure is… but one other person has a LOT to gain from having a good game on the other side of the field.

Jeremiah Masoli. Yes, that Masoli.  The same guy that was quarterbacking the Oregon Ducks two years ago before he was dismissed from the team and hustled the NCAA’s graduate rules to get immediate eligibility at Ole Miss.

I saw him on ESPN’s first take.  He seemed like he really regretted how things shook out at Oregon and is really taking his last chance to heart.  He had a very Mike Vick like “I’m sorry” demeanor as he spoke about his past transgressions.

But now that everything is behind him, Masoli can focus on impressing the NFL scouts.  He is going to be in the 2011 NFL Draft, presumably as a quarterback, and if he has a big game don’t be surprised if you hear his name kicked around the mid rounds of the draft.  The quarterback class this year is going to be very thin past the first round with very few prospects that NFL teams would take a look at beyond a developmental role.  Masoli is interesting to NFL scouts because he has a ton of experience and is very mobile, but he also has those “character issues” to be concerned about.

Masoli you can help himself out a lot this weekend. This could be his time to shine.