Is Brady Quinn's Career Over?

Updated: August 31, 2010

As a Bronco fan this preseason has been pretty interesting to say the least. Not only has the most exciting draft pick since Jay Cutler set foot in Dove Valley but the team seems poised to become a dominate defensive team, something they were never close to under the leadership of Coach Shanahan. Unknown to the rest of the NFL the Broncos are quietly turning the corner into a legit perennial playoff contender.

But that’s not the topic of my article. What I want to talk about is Brady Quinn. Why is he doing so bad?

He had a lot of talent coming out of Notre Dame and playing under Charlie Weiss. He helped make Darius Walker and Maurice Stovall household names for about 3 years while they were in college. Al Davis even considered taking Brady #1 overall… but went with that Jamarcus guy instead.

None of those things could have predicted how bad Quinn would do in the NFL. He never could outseat Derek Anderson as the Browns full time Quarterback (what’s up Matt Leinart) and now it looks like Tim Tebow is going to take his backup duties before the season even begins.

Is it a mental thing with Brady Quinn? Was the anguish of playing for the Browns enough to shoot his chances of being productive at the NFL level to nothing? Is it a talent question? Does he just not have “it” in the arm department?

The numbers say that he is a middle-of-the-road QB at best so far. His career completion percentage is a pedestrian 52% . His 10 career touchdowns to 9 interceptions isn’t setting the world on fire as well. In 2009, he appeared in 10 games, of which the Browns only won 2, and Quinn threw 8 touchdowns to 7 interceptions. To his credit the cupboard was bare in Cleveland with a aging Jamal Lewis and no Braylon Edwards, but still you have to wonder.

I don’t know what is in store for Brady. But what I do know is that if Quinn doesn’t do something to turn it around quickly he may be trying out for the Omaha Nighthawks pretty soon.