Greg Cosell says Tim Tebow will Fail

Updated: June 2, 2010

Greg Cosell, some guy who produces a show called NFL Highlights (no, I have no idea who he really is) is making waves on the net right now. A story on Profootballtalk has been posted with Mr. Cosell making some not so nice comments about Timmy.

“On film, there is very little in Tebow’s game that projects well at this point to the NFL,” Cosell tells Ross Tucker in an interview at “I could never draft a quarterback in the first round who does not show on tape the skill set and physical attributes that are demanded in the NFL.”

Cosell says that as a passer, Tebow simply isn’t on an NFL level.

“Number one, he has questionable and limited arm strength with a slow and ponderous delivery,” Cosell said. “Number two, in college he did not throw with timing or anticipation because the offense that he was in did not require it. In the NFL, there are certain throws in certain situations that necessitate that the ball is delivered before his receiver makes his break. He wasn’t asked to do that at Florida.”

He also goes on to break down Tebow’s pocket movement and foot speed, two things that Tebow struggled with at the Senior Bowl. In Timmy’s defense, people said a lot of similar things about Steve Young and he came out alright. Then again he had time to develop in the USFL and then again on the bench behind Montana. Tebow probably will have to play as early as next year. It is going to be very interesting to see who’s right about the great Tebow debate.

For the record, I personally think Tebow will find his niche in the league as a gadget player but not a quarterback.