With Locker Gone, How to The QBs Stack Up?

Updated: December 16, 2009

With Locker back in college (only he knows why) the top Quarterbacks in the 2010 draft can breathe easier. Jake probably made them all 4-5 mil each as they slide up on team’s boards with one less QB available. But which QBs will benefit the most?

  • Jimmy Clausen – possible top 5 pick.
  • Sam Bradford– the BIG winner. If he can test well he can get to the top 10. You never know *cough*JoshMcDaniels*cough*
  • Tony Pike– Slides into the first, possibly.
  • Colt McCoy– Also may slide up into the first.
  • Tim Tebow– go ahead and pick out a nice condo in Jacksonville, nothing has changed for you Timmy.