Should Urban Meyer Go to Notre Dame? YES

Updated: December 10, 2009

Why shouldn’t Urban Meyer go to coach the Golden Domers?

He’s done all he can do at Florida. He’s won two titles, rode the excitement of the Tebow era, and is now regarded as one of the best coaches in the game. If he really wanted to fatten that resume’ he’d go and be the man to lead Notre Dame back to greatness. Besides, does he want to turn into Bob Stoops or Pete Carroll in a down swing after losing his QB?

For the Domers, Charlie Weis proved himself too inept to get it done. Chip Kelly… eh… not big enough a name for Notre Dame. It MUST be Urban Meyer.

This is really the only play for them right now. Another lowkey coach and mediocre record would set this team back a generation as far as recruits go. Get it done. Get Urban.

Written by D. Wash

Founder, (2006). Denver Broncos, Charlotte Bobcats fan. Fan of football, technology, and battle rap. Shannon Sharpe is the greatest. Everything else is debatable.

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