There is no Calvin Johnson in this draft

Updated: April 15, 2008

Tisk, tisk. It seems like every week there is a new #1 wide receiver prospect on the board.

This week it’s apparently Michigan State’s Devin Thomas. I do not know if Devin earned that spot or if Malcolm Kelly lost it. Kelly’s reaction to his 4.7 field turf 4o time looked very bad and some teams slid him down the board a bit for that. Blaming coaches is never a good thing!

I believe Malcolm Kelly is still 1 or 2 in this pool of wide receivers but even though there is no clear cut #1, there are a ton of great late round prospects.

The following receivers should be picked sometime on day 2 and could end up being steals:

  • Steve Johnson, Kentucky
  • Eddie Royal, Virigina Tech
  • Darius Reynaud, WVU
  • Dexter Jackson, App State