Heisman Preview

Updated: December 9, 2006

Troy Smith is regarded as the heavy favorite to win this years Heisman Trophy. The Ohio State Quarterback has lead the Buckeyes to a unblemished record and #1 standing in the BCS. While Smith’s stats aren’t wow’ing he has won big game after big game and is the clear odds on favorite to win the trophy.

Brady Quinn has been the favorite underdog all season long but hasnt come up in enough big games to win the trophy. Quinn’s stats have been exceptional with 35 tds to 5 ints.

Darren McFadden has lead the surging Razorbacks to a BCS bowl behind his tough running. He has racked up a record 1,558 yards, added 16 Td’s with it, and has even thrown 3 td’s this year. While he hasnt had enough media exposure to win his stats are clearly heisman material and should be the front runner should he remain in school.

Predicted Heisman Winner: Troy Smith, QB Ohio State